Sunday, June 10, 2012


5299_sale_pending_red.jpgSince I've last posted, we have been to Disney husband flew home early to be with his grandmother who was ill, I drove home from Disney 2 days later with my daughter and her friend, attended Maw Maw's funeral (she was one awesome lady), received an offer on our house, signed a purchase agreement, freaked out because the apartments we were thinking of moving into temporarily were full, found a rental house, and had 2 visits from the buyers to discuss things.  I'm hoping the sale goes through!!  UPDATE:  It's a go!!!  We are moving out ASAP!

Okay, sorry!  I feel better now!  Now on to the title of my post---WHACK! No, I don't want to whack the buyers.  It's 2 new games I just added to my TpT and TN stores.  I can't wait to use these games with my class.  i'll be adding some math games in a few days.

The first 3 to comment can choose one for free!!! :)

Happy summer!! :)