Saturday, May 26, 2012

Need Your Help!

This is totally unrelated to teaching, but completely about kids! Same difference, right?? As I type I'm on a Disney bus headed to Downtown Disney to get some shopping on!! Today, the charity that I'm involved in, Dreams Come True, is in a contest against 5 others to win a Toyota vehicle. If you have a moment, please cast a vote for DCT. The vehicle would be used to travel the state interviewing kids. I hope the link above works since I'm typing this on my phone. If you would like more info on DCT, visit Thanks!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

What next?

"Lisa, you've completed your Master's degree, received your diploma, completed your final teaching day of the year...............

What will you do next?"


Have a great summer!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Stuffed Animal Slumber Party Pack and Sale!

Our class recently had a stuffed animal slumber party!  It was a hit with the kiddos--they are so gullible!!  I just uploaded the printables we used to write about the party.  Included are:  invitations, circle map/flow map, writing paper, and some examples.  All printables are in both color and B&W.

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I got this great idea from my teaching partner--Wild About Second Grade!!  You should go visit her!!

I'm having a Teacher Appreciation Sale May 6-8!  All items in my TpT will be 20% off, plus the 10% discount TpT is offering.  Make sure you use the code TAD12.

I appreciate all the wonderful ideas, inspiration, and kind words I've received from all the wonderful teacher bloggers out there!  Thank you for all you do! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pinterest Exchange! and Weather Freebie!

I had such a good time making a gift for my exchange partner, Mrs.  Patterson! 

I made her a Teacher Toolbox!  I got my Pinspiration from:

Click pictures to go to eighteen25 to find a tutorial!

Here's my attempt!! :)

I received the most adorable Mickey Mouse coasters and fleur de lis print from Mechele at

She did her research!  I L-O-V-E anything and everything Disney!!  Seriously...I'm rather obsessed!  
So these coasters were a hit in my household!  
How stinkin' cute are these!!!!????

Love this!  I couldn't make the glare go away, but it is adorable in real-life!  

Thanks Mechele!  :)

I will be posting some examples from our stuffed animal slumber party by the weekend.  I wanted to post them sooner, but was out sick when they revised/edited and wrote their final drafts, and well--while the cat's away the mice will be slackers!!!  There were some really cute ones though!
Having said that, the kids bought the whole party and photos HOOK--LINE--and SINKER!!!  Their faces were priceless when they watched the slideshow! 

We are learning about weather, and I needed a math homework sheet this week, so I created this:

If you download, please consider leaving feedback! :)  I would appreciate it! :)