Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Sale!!!

For the rest of the day, all items in my TPT store are 20% off!!!  I've also marked my Hoppy Easter Math Stations down to $3.00 which will make it $2.40 during the sale!!!

I'm literally $5 away from reaching my TPT goal for this quarter.  Now granted, it's small potatoes compared to some, but its a goal that I was hoping to reach!!

I'm officially on Spring Break!!!!  Thank goodness.  We had our spring field trip yesterday, and it was fun.  We had to take backroads to the bowling alley since there was a wreck on the interstate, so by the time we got there I was carsick!!  The kids had lots of fun bowling, then we headed to eat pizza before returning to school to watch a movie.  A huge thanks to our PE teacher for planning a fun trip for our kiddos.  It felt strange to leave on a field trip and not be super stressed over the details--when I said she planned it---she did it all!!!!  When we got back to school, the kids wanted to watch Chestnut again.  If you have never seen this movie, it is a MUST SEE!!!  I've shown it for several years, but this year (the first time I showed it) I had probably 1/3 of them crying during a sad part, then cheering at the end.  They were so cute!!!

This movie is a great one to show at school, but I'm pretty sure you would love it too!!  I've watched it several times, and I still laugh out loud hysterically with my kids, almost cry, and feel joy at the end.  If you've seen this movie, leave me a comment below to let me know your thoughts.  As I searched for a picture of the cover, I found that they have rereleased it with the above cute cover--AND--it is only $5 at Walmart.  That was the cheapest price I found online.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Need your help and a freebie!!

Hey guys, I've been a bad blogger lately!  My student teacher has just finished up her full-time teaching, so I'll be back this weekend with some pictures of our fraction lessons.  I'm also working on a giveaway since I've reached over 200 followers! 

I really need your help!  I'm trying to win a document camera for my classroom.  If you wouldn't mind, please vote.  It's quick and painless, and you can vote one time per email address!  Just click the speech bubble.  If for some reason it doesn't link directly to my idea (not sure why it doesn't sometimes), you can search using my last name Arledge.

I appreciate all your support!!!  Click here for a freebie!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

We Are Teachers!!--Please Vote!! :)

Hi y'all!!

I recently applied for a "grant" at We Are Teachers for a document camera.  The top 10 vote receivers will win a LadiBug Document Camera.  

I would GREATLY appreciate your support!!!!  You may vote one time from each email address.  Click on the speech bubble above to vote.  If for some reason it doesn't go directly to my idea "Wonderful Writing", you can search using that title, or my last name, Arledge.

As a thank you for your support, please download my Skip Counting Safari from TPT.
You can also (if you are so inclined) share the page on FB, Twitter, or on your blog.  If you do, please leave me a comment below with a link, so I can go visit your page and thank you.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Teachers Taking Care of Teachers!

If we don't take care of each other....who will??

Crystal at Kreative in Kinder is organizing a way for teachers to help out the teachers who were affected by the tornados on March 2nd.  Please consider linking up and emailing Crystal to offer your assistance.  There are so many ways to help!  No matter the bureaucracy we are facing, the cutbacks, furloughs...we are blessed to have a classroom to enter, students to teach, and a house to come home to!

"Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself.  It's what you do for others." -- Danny Thomas

Friday, March 9, 2012

Skip Counting Safari Update!

I'm in the process of updating some of my older TpT files.  Today I gave Skip Counting Safari a makeover!!! 

If you have purchased that file in the past, please go redownload--It's much cuter and has two different recording sheets.

I printed it out today, and the strips fit nicely in a Pringles can! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thank You!! :) and Ice Cream

I've been a slacker lately!  I've been barely stalking blogs, and have completely neglected my blog!!! :(

I've been awarded 2 fabulous awards!

If you haven't visited these 2 blogs--go now!!!  

I'm going to cheat a little and award both awards to the following blogs:

So.....who likes ice cream????  Me, me, me!!!

I'm loving these cute scoops from Print Candee 

One can never have too much ice cream, right?????  I'll send both files to the first 5 people who comment with their favorite ice cream flavor and an email address!! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anniversary Sale!! :)

I'm throwing a sale in my TpT store through Friday in honor of my 19th wedding anniversary!! 

Giveaway coming this weekend!!!  Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thank You!!! :)

Frame by: Goodness & Fun! :)

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who purchased items from my TpT store yesterday--and all days!!!!  I'm not going to be on the top seller list, but I was so stinkin' excited each time I checked my email and saw a sale or two!!!  

I picked up a few things myself from some of my favorite sellers!!  

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!  It really needs to be, right now!!!!