Monday, January 30, 2012


My teaching partner--and other 1/2 of my brain is having a giveaway for a $10 Amazon gift card.  You should hop on over there and enter.  Can I tell you how much I LOVE Amazon???? 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Chrissy and Ms. Smarty Pants

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them! 

12 Fun things about me
1.  I secretly want to be a children's book author.
2.  I have a serious addiction to digital scrapbooking/graphics/designing
3.  I have one child--by choice!  People often ask why we only had one--because we wanted one! :)
4.  I love the smell of school supplies--especially crayons!  It's a sickness, I know!
5.  I always wanted a BMW...I drive a Dodge (which I love)!  My daughter has a BMW convertible that we got for FREE--yep, you read it right...F.R.E.E!  It is a 1996 Z3 roadster that is the cutest thing ever!  It was a fixer-uper and a total surprise for her birthday.  I am a wee bit jealous!
6.  If you look up procrastinate in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure you will see my photo!
7.  We have a camper, and love to go camping.  That's my idea of "roughing it"!
8.  I L.O.V.E. everything Disney!  Seriously---EVERYTHING!
9.  I like flavored diet drinks, like root beer, orange, sun drop, etc...., but HATE Diet Coke!  
10.  I am on the board of a charity, Dreams Come True, and get to meet the bravest people on Earth--kids fighting illnesses.  I'm amazed at how strong, positive, and precious these kids are.  They are the truest form of heroes in my eyes.
11.  I really wish I had enough time in the day to do all the crafty things I've always wanted to do, like design invitations, and party day!
12.  I'm a homebody...The saying, "There's no place like home" is my mantra.  

1. What are your beliefs about teaching?  I believe that it is my job to ensure that all kids are successful, and to understand that although they may not all be able to reach determined benchmarks, they can still feel successful in the classroom.
2. What is one trade secret that you would like to pass on to your colleagues?  Do as much of your teaching in small groups as possible.  You will learn so much about each individual child!
3. What is your favourite subject to teach and why?  Math, because 2+2 will always =4.  
4. Why do you blog? To connect with other teachers who are as passionate about their job as I am!
5. What is your favourite transition strategy, why?  Marshmallow everything--toes, mouth, book.  Put an imaginary marshmallow in or on anything, and it becomes less noisy!! :)  
6. What are your secret behaviour management tricks?  No tricks, just try to be reasonable, and let them know that I care about them--even when they mess up!
7. Do you have a class rewards system? What is it?  We have a school-wide behavior system--not a fan.  I am going to try out ClassDojo this week!!!  Hope it's as awesome as I'm thinking it will be!
8. Do you teach a musical instrument with your class? What is it? time--at all!  Our schedule is crazy.  My student teacher said on her second day, "Wow, we sure do have to go out of the classroom a lot"!  
9. What is the one thing that keeps you motivated to continue learning?  Not really sure what drives that motivation, but I'm constantly doing something...NBCT...Master's...blogging...professional development.  I'm kinda nerdy! :-}
10. Do you get along with your colleagues? Most
11. Does your school encourage homework? What does your class do?  Our school doesn't really have a position on HW.  I send home a math ws on Mondays to be returned on Fridays.  Other than that I sent home an assignment during our money unit to count pocket change each night.  Nothing major!
12. If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be?  Not sure...I think I'll just be me!  I know....Boring answer.

Here are the questions from Ms. B
1. What is the best part of teaching?  Seeing the excitement on a struggling child's face when she "gets it"!! Priceless!
2. What's your favorite holiday?  Christmas
3. Who is your best friend and why?  My sister-in-law, she understands me!! :)
4. What did you want to be when you were a kid?  Don't laugh--a brick layer, a burger king worker, and a teacher!  
5. What's your favorite outfit?  Jeans and a sweatshirt!  I'm a comfy girl!
6. What's your favorite breakfast? (calories nonexistent)  Bacon, eggs, and biscuits--but I like them for supper!
7. What's your favorite TV show of all time?  Golden Girls
8. What weird habit or behavior did you have as a kid? (I'm assuming everyone had at least one)  Twirling hair
9. Siblings? How many?  3 1/2 sisters and a 1/2 brother
10. Beatles or Elvis? Beatles 
11. Beach or Mountains? Mountains
12. What's the BEST trip you've ever taken?  Disney...of course! :)

My 12 questions:
1.  Do you have aspirations to become an administrator?  Why/why not?
2.  Real book/E-reader?
3.  What did you learn in your classroom, that they never taught you in college?
4.  Teachers lounge--good or bad?
5.  If you were to win $1000 for your classroom, how would you spend it?
6.  What is your least favorite thing about teaching?
7.  If you could choose any grade to teach, which would you choose?  Why?
8.  Does your school have a specific dress code for teachers? 
9.  If you watch American Idol...Steven Tyler as a judge--good or bad?
10.  What is your favorite genre of music?
11.  Who is your favorite Golden Girl?  
12.  What is your favorite TV show?

Now for 12 blogs to tag....

1.  Kristy at Teachin' First
4.  Debbie at Bassett's Buggy World
7.  Christie at TEaching in Flip Flops
8.  Yvonne at Sassy in Second
9.  Stephanie at Teaching in Room 6
11.  Mrs. Mc at Buzz, Buzz, Buzz----She's having a giveaway right now!!  I want the Mardi Gras unit!  It's super cute

Singapore Math--Rainbow Math Stations--and a Freebie!

This past week was exhausting!  I know, I know--I said the same thing last week!  :)  But, man....I'm so worn out!  I really need to clean my house, but instead my daughter and I went to see One for the Money--cute.

I attending a Singapore math training on Thursday and Friday, and would love to get some feedback from teachers who are implementing the strategies in their classroom.  I want the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

I've been working on some rainbow themed math stations, and I finally finished.  It includes 2 addition BAM games, 2 subtraction BAM games, graphing, money, time, word problems, skip counting, fact families, and fractions. I have uploaded it to TPT, and am trying to get it to load at TN!

Over the Rainbow Math Stations

Here is a graphing freebie from the Over the Rainbow Math Stations

Enjoy your weekend--and don't forget those Singapore Math comments or emails for me!  I'm anxious to see  what y'all think!! :)

Oh, and click on over to my teaching partner's blog....
She's getting ready for a giveaway!  Go follow her so you'll be notified when the giveaway begins! :)  She's got some great ideas, and lots of freebies on her blog and her TpT.  Let her know I sent you! :)  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wild and Crazy Week--and a Freebie!!!

Wow!!!  Short weeks are a killer!  This past week was one crazy week!  We were off of school on Monday, Tuesday my student teacher arrived, I was observed by my principal on Wednesday, I did lots of after school shopping with my daughter for homecoming, we had a homecoming pep rally and teacher/student basketball game on Friday, AND I got a new student!!!!

During all that craziness, we did do SOME work!!!! :)

Writing about our dreams for the future!

Proving that air takes up space--as part of our study on the states of matter!  I have journal pages that my students used throughout the unit, but I need to check on Print Candee's TOU regarding freebies.  I'll post them tomorrow if I can.

Shopping Scoot!  My kiddos L-O-V-E scoot!!!!  I love that I can see who "Gets" it while they think they are just having fun!  

I played the Money, Money, Money, Money song when we scooted!  My teaching partner opened our adjoining door after about 5 times of hearing the music to see what in the world we were doing!!!  

Here is the song: sweet daughter was selected to be on the Homecoming Court this year.  I was too lazy to lug my big camera, and used my husbands little camera----and got cruddy pictures!!!  Lesson learned!

And....if you made it through all of's a freebie!

Well, I guess I better...
1.  Do my lesson plans
2.  Grade papers
3. Laminate, laminate, laminate
4. Go stir the red beans that are probably stuck to the bottom of the pot!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I just uploaded my Valen"Time" pack to TpT.
Hop on over and check it out! :)

The first 2 comments get it free!!! :)  Don't forget your email address!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Great Giveaways and Valentine Exchange!

Check out the following blogs for some fantastic giveaways!!! :)




If you enjoyed Holly Bloggy Christmas, you're gonna love the Valentine Exchange.  Click the button below to find out how to join.

Love to Joplin--and a freebie!

Dee Dee over at Mrs. Will's Kindergarten received this letter from a teacher In Joplin:
I teach in Joplin, which made worldwide news last May when our town was cut in half by an F5 tornado.  Many of our elementary schools were destroyed or damaged, and as teachers, we have had a roller coaster year.  I came from a meeting yesterday where many are struggling with the weight of all we are dealing with.  My request is this:  would you be willing to donate a created pack of your choosing to give away at a drawing at our upcoming district Kindergarten grade level meeting?  The meeting is Monday and I am sorry for the short notice but I did not realize until the meeting how down everyone is feeling. 

Dee Dee decided to host a linky party to help all grade levels in Joplin.  If you are interested in sending a file or two to help out, just click the heart below to go to Dee Dee's page to find out how!  I'm sending Under the Big Top Money Pack, and Penguin Math Stations

Here is a math freebie:  (Graphics by Microsoft and Gingersnaps)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


This has been the longest week EVER!!!!!  Not only did school start back, but my graduate class (last one) started Monday also!  I need Friday at 3:15 to get here quick!!! :)

Here are the graphic winners!!

Ladies, I am emailing you the Cat and Mouse Even/Odd Station, and will give Karen your information.  

Click button to visit Snickerdoodle Designs!

A huge thank you to Karen for being "teacher friendly" and for the generous donation for the giveaway!  Please stop by her shop and show her some love! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

I survived the first day back...hoping to survive this ball game!!! :)

Man....I'm tired!!!!  Today went well!  We only got 1 new student!!! :)  LOL 

We started a money unit, a matter unit, and will be writing about our OLW on Wednesday.  I can't wait to see what some of them choose.  I really thought about my OLW throughout the day today.  I found myself appreciating my kiddos in ways that I didn't before.

I'm getting ready to watch the BCS Championship Game--and I'm a nervous wreck!!!  Two awesome teams with great coaches and players!



I'm linking up with Farley with a January currently.......

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pay it Forward Giveaway!

Well, Monday is inching closer and closer!  Don't be jealous--yesterday was a furlough day and we started school THE FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST!!!  Why???  Who knows???  Anyway, I'm finishing up my lesson plans...stalking some blogs...watching football!!!

Make sure you go over to Crisscross Applesauce to enter her Pay it Forward Giveaway!  
I think this is an excellent idea--wish I had thought of it!! :)

Also, don't forget about my giveaway with Snickerdoodle's Designs!! :)

Awards, Reminder, Thank You, and Stuff! :)

I want to thank Amy at The Resource(ful) Room for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award!  If you haven't been to Amy's blog, then you are missing out!!  Go...Now!!

I also want to thank Christina at Live, Laugh, Teach (love that name!) who awarded me the Liebster Award!

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are to:
1. Thank the person who presented the award to you and link back to them. Thanks, Amy

2.  Tell seven things about yourself.
1.) I turned 40 in November--how did I get so old?
2.) I have a daughter who just turned 17, who is growing up too fast, who told me today that she will be 18 this year, and who absolutely loves classic rock!
3.) I will be married 19 years in March, and I'm planning a "secret" trip this summer since our 20th falls the same year as our daughter's graduation--and she's requested a Disney Cruise!  
4.) I am a Disney fanatic--so is my husband and daughter!  
5.) I am on the board of a charitable organization, Dreams Come True, which grants dreams to children with life-threatening illnesses.  i LOVE meeting kids and families and seeing their faces light up when their dream is granted.  If I weren't a teacher, I would want to work full-time in this area.
6.) I love digital scrapbook stuff--I don't necessarily scrapbook, but I love to make invitations, games, etc.  I really want to pursue creating my own graphics, but I'm not there yet!
7.) I will complete my Master's Degree in May!!! 

3. Pass this on to newly discovered blogs:

The rules for the Liebster Award are:

1. Show your appreciation to the blogger who nominated you by linking back to their blog. Thank you, Christina!!

2. Nominate five happy little blogs (200 followers or less) by posting a comment on their blogs.
See above list
3. Post the award on your blog.--Done!

4. Check out what the other up-and-coming blogs have to offer.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to Jen at The Teacher's Cauldron!  I won her Amazon GC giveaway!!!  It didn't take me long to hop on over to Amazon, load up my cart, and check out!!!  Thanks Jen!  If you haven't been to Jen's blog, you should go....right now!

And if you are still reading......a reminder about my giveaway!  

I went to my classroom today---I had to bribe myself, but I went.  I told myself that if I went for an hour and a half, I could buy some new books!!  Pitiful...I know!  Anyway, I turned on a movie, The Money Pit, because I need sound so I don't hear the critters--yep, we have critters!  I love that movie!!  
While I was there, I put up my matter bulletin board,

cleaned off our math table that was literally overflowing with junk, cleaned off my small-group math shelf (I even wiped off the dust), and picked up about 30 marshmallows from containers on the shelf and on the floor--see marshmallow post!

I guess it's time to get lesson plans done!! :(

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Graphic Giveaway!! :)

I recently "met" Karen at Snickerdoodle Designs By Karen!! 

I purchased a graphic set of hers last year, and used it to create some cute puppy place value cards for my classroom.  When Mrs. Delighted won my mousepad giveaway and requested puppies, I knew I had the cutest set of puppies to use.  
Long story short, I'm a Nervous Nellie when it comes to graphics terms of use.  I read, reread, and reread some more to only end up more confused.  So....I typically just email the designer and ask if I can use their graphics for whatever I'm doing.  That, my friends, is how I met Karen!  She answered my TOU question quickly, and asked if I minded sending her a picture of the finished product.  
Anyway......I asked Karen if she would mind donating a kit for a giveaway.....and she about a kit and 2 $5 gift certificates???  Seriously???--how sweet!  

So I decided to give away Cat and Mouse Math Station, an even/odd station activity with 2 different levels.  I used Karen's graphic set Kitty and Tweet!!

There are 6 ways to enter, and 3 will win!!

  • 2 people will win a $5 gift certificate from Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen and the Cat and Mouse Math Station
  • 1 person will win a kit from Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen and the Cat and Mouse Math Station
To enter:
  1. Like Snickerdoodle's FB page and comment below
  2. Sign up for Snickerdoodle's newsletter (make sure you confirm) and comment below
  3. Follow Snickerdoodle on Pinterest and comment below (she's brand new to pinterest--and has no idea how addictive it is (yet!!)
  4. Follow my TPT and comment below
  5. Blog about the giveaway and leave 2 comments with the link
Oh yea, please leave your email :)  I'm going to look on my old laptop for the place value puppy file, and if I can find it, I'll post it as a freebie! :)

I will use the random number generator to choose the winners next Wednesday, January 11th sometime after 4:00 CST.

Monday, January 2, 2012

What's The Matter?--FREEBIE!!

I sat down earlier to write my lesson plans.  We teach social studies the first half of the year and science the second, I went to school and got my brand-spanking new science TE.  It is supposedly aligned to our La. GLEs.  We didn't get a lot of "stuff" with this adoption (or if we did, I have no clue where I put it!!)--except for the big box of junk stuff for experiments.  I really wanted to make a bulletin board with vocabulary.

Freebie had to be removed--Sorry!