Sunday, July 8, 2012

Common Core Math Assessments and some FREEBIES!!

Well, our state has adopted the Common Core Standards.  Our kindergarten and first grade are in full implementation this coming year.  Second grade is in a transition year where we will teach the Common Core along with some of our existing GLEs, then we will be just common core next year.

We are also starting a new teacher accountability process---soooooo, needless to say, I'm a little overwhelmed (not to mention, we are still trying to get settled in our rent house--which is one box shy of being featured on the hoarders show!!!).  It is my understanding that since our first graders did not take a standardized test last year (to give us a starting point), that we have to give a pretest to our kiddos right off the bat.

So, I'm working on some math assessments to coordinate with the common core standards for math.  I have a pretest/posttest (10 questions), 1-2 practice sheets, class assessment chart, individual student graphs, and a checklist for each standard (well, I've only done 2.OA so far), and would love for another second grade teacher to look it over for some good criticism.  I really want someone who will give it to me straight!

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If you would be interested in reviewing this packet, please email me.
I'll be back soon with some classroom photos!  I'll be getting busy decorating and organizing :)

Here are some freebies :)

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I'm linking up with Classroom Freebies for Manic Monday!  If you haven't visited CF or CF Too, you should definitely go now!  EVERYTHING posted on both sites is FREE :)

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Heidi said...

Super cute freebies. Love the Mickey and colors :)

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Lisa R. said...

I love your Mickey Mouse decor!!! :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Ms. Kerri said...

That's where we were at last year in implementing new stuff. We started common core, plus a new math series, plus a new teacher evaluations system. It was a lot of new stuff at once but it was ok. Cute stuff!
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

Corinna said...

Cute freebies! Are you doing a Mickey Mouse theme? You should stop by my linky party if you are;) I will email about Common Core Assessments.

Surfin' Through Second

MsGinGrade3 said...

Super super cute!

Ms. G In Grade 3

Primary Possibilities said...

Cute freebie! Our school counselor is Disney obsessed! I will have to forward this on to her.


Megan Duarte said...

I would love to look over the packet. I teach 2nd in Ca. We won't be starting cc officially until I think next year, but I am kind of starting it on my own this year.

Erin Franklin said...

We just got back from Florida this week- so we have had Mickey on the brain! lol Love the freebie!
Thanks for linking it up to my Freebie Linky!

First with Franklin

Crazy said...

LISA! OMG!!!! I've been wanting to do Disney/Mickey for a classroom theme but haven't been able to find anything!!! You just made me sooooo excited!! :) Can you do a Mickey clip chart????

Crazy said...


Lisa mar said...

Thank you so much.. Please post pictures of your mickey classroom. Would love to see it

The Posh Kids said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for the freebies. I always create my own classroom themes and for next year I wanted to do Mickey Mouse. I'm going to use your items but I'd like to create the rest of my board labels to match. What font did you use for the months and days?

Lisa said...

I used Oh Photo Shoot by Kevin and Amanda

Veronica said...

LOVE! your Mickey's. I also have Disney theme in my classroom. I just made a Word Wall set of headers. I'd love to see pictures of your classroom.

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