Sunday, February 5, 2012

Are you kidding me? And some freebies, and a sale , and some pictures!! :)

Most , confusing, disturbing, and upsetting week EVER!!

I know I keep saying, "What a week!", but I had no clue about a crazy week until this past week!  I said things I never thought I'd have to say, witnessed things I never thought I'd see, and had a conference about a topic I never imagined discussing in a room full of teachers, administrators, and other professionals!!  Having said all of that---WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!

Okay--we did do some learning on top of all the craziness! :)  We began our unit on time in math and energy in science! kiddos have time to the hour down pat (well, 2 don't but I expected that).  Time to the 1/2 hour went well...we are continuing with 1/2 hour tomorrow, then on to 1/4 hour and five minutes! :)
I made this cute clock for my students to use in small group instruction, and when I didn't pull it out for my accelerated group, they were disappointed!  You can click the picture above or here to get the freebie!  I used Scrappin Doodle graphics and just printed on colored card stock since I don't have colored ink at school!
Just print the arrow 3 times.  I cut the point off of one and taped it to another to make the minute hand.

We also used different activities from my Valentime Pack.  I'm putting it on sale for $2.00 until Friday!! :)

We began learning about energy this week.  I am LOVING science!  I wish we taught it all year long!  We did several experiments and learned about  heat, current electricity, static electricity, and hydropower.  Here are some pictures, and the journal pages we completed to accompany our activities.  

We had a ton of fun this week in science!  I think I had as much (or more) fun as the kiddos!! :)  The static experiment with Rice Krispies is my favorite! :)

Here are the journal entries we used.  The borders are courtesy of From the Pond!  Click on the pictures to download the freebies--sorry they are individual, that's how I had them saved.
Each file has 2 pages (identical) so you can print them 2 to a page if you'd like.

Freebie has been removed--The clipart used can no longer be used due to copyright laws. last thing...I've really been struggling with our behavior management system.  I feel like the kiddos who are ALWAYS doing what they are supposed to do aren't getting the recognition they deserve.  So....Pinterest to the rescue!

I found this gem, and knew that I had to use it in my classroom!
I put it on one desk each day to spotlight that student.  I also call them a rock star all day! :)  I email a picture to their parents too!  The kiddos love it! :)

This week we are learning about sound, which I know we will enjoy also. I'll upload our journal pages at the end of the week!

Enjoy your week!  And if you don't mind, please say a prayer for our dream kids.  All are fighting some kind of medical battle, and some are fighting for their lives :(


Sandra said...

I love the You Rock sign... do you have a link to that? or did you make it yourself!! Such a good idea!!

❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

Lisa said...

Hi Sandra,

I linked it right above the picture. It probably wasn't there when you looked, but I went back and linked it. Sorry about that--I clicked post instead of preview :)

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