Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Separated at birth???????

As I was stalking Heather's Heart (fabulous blog!!), I stumbled upon several pictures of Edison!  It was like I was looking at our Smokey!  They look identical!!!!  It's a little freaky!  See for yourself.......

Now, for my New Year Resolutions I'm linking up with A Teacher's Treasure


1.  Get organized!  Pahahahaha!!!!
2.  Try not to dwell on the fact that my daughter is growing up and will soon leave the nest! :(
3.  Use my Anytime Fitness membership!!!


1.  Finish my master's degree---one more class!!  I think i can, I think I can.....
2.  Stay positive--no matter what!!!!!!!
3.  Don't bite off more than I can chew--I ALWAYS overextend myself!
4.  Learn to say no!  


Heather's Heart said...
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Heather's Heart said...

OMGosh! How cute are they! Does Smokey think he is a dog? Edison can fetch and is constantly dragging LARGE items off and hiding them. He waits for me EVERYDAY by the back door. He also likes riding in the car! I seriously think I am going to bring him to school one day! =)

I LOVE this post! Thank you for the sweet words about my blog and for being such a wonderful follower!

Heather's Heart

Lisa said...

She's a sassy cat!!! She has 2 mini-tennis balls (that she stole from our dog) that she carries around and hides in the curtains, pounces on, lays on, and knocks up against our bedroom door EVERY morning at about 5:00 (I'm hiding them while on break). Oh no, Smokey DOES NOT ride in the car!! OMGoodness, she freaks out on the ride to the vet. It's like trying to put an octopus in the crate!! I'm sure your kiddos would love that! Mine love looking at pics of my pets and writing about them.

A Teacher's Treasure said...

They ARE twins! wow, that amazing!

I love your 3rd goal! I live in a condo with a gym (free for the residents) and cannot remember the last time I used it. haha
I'm searching for the motivation to finish my Masters too!!!

Thanks for linking up!!!

❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
A Teacher's Treasure

Patti White said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm your newest follower.
Happy New Year!
A Series of 3rd Grade Events

Ms. Chrissy B said...

Hahahaha I love those cats! Adorable.

Buzzing with Ms. B

Jeannie said...

I am guilty of over Extending myself too! - Uggh and then I stress out! I have got to learn when to say "NO".


~Stephanie said...

Staying positive is so hard at times! I know I have to work on that one as well. Good luck with your goals this new year.

Your newest (99th!! One more to go!!!) follower,
Teaching in Room 6

Rebecca said...

Those are great resolutions! Thanks for sharing!

Blessings for the New Year!
The Teacher's Chatterbox

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